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15 Tips to tell OEM from Aftermarket iPhone 6

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The cell phone parts marketplace is generally existed within by the unevenness of quality. Several non-original screens are actually sold as original in the market. It would appear that the standard standard differs to country from country. Before buying from your own provider requesting particular concerns is 1 / 2 of the fight to obtain cost effective items, while not every supplier in this industry will give a truthful response to you.

Consequently, always try to master the principle by yoursely.

How to tell original LCD from copy? How to distinguish different grades of quality? BulkRepairParts helps you unveil the secrets of iPhone displays.

Original Differs from Copy in These Ways:

1.Tighter and easier PCB connector installation 

2./3.Clearer texture of QR code and flex cable.

4.Edges of backlight unit is sealed

5.Waterproof glass.

6.Code on backlight unit is usually painted while copy's are all the same.

7.More accurate screw holes.

8.No glue residue between glass and frame.

9.Apple logo on QR code and flex cable

10.Precisely soldered backlight unit flex cable.

11.Colored ring printed around front camera hole.

12: Cable Flexibility

The next tip requires you to check out the flexibility of the flex cables. The OEM factories need to produce softer and more flexible digitizer flex cables to make sure that they will not break during installation and after being folded many times. These softer flex cables have a much higher production cost then standard hard flex cables. Keep in mind that only the digitizer's flex should be softer, while the LCD's flex will be harder even on the OEM.

13: Hydrophobic Glass

The OEM LCD screen's glass lens has a special material on its surface, making it hydrophobic. This means that water has no way to stick to the surface and will roll right off, but the material is made so that not even any liquid residue will be left over. It use to be that this was very expensive for 3rd party factories to produce, and residue or “mist” would be left over from the water rolling off the screen. Recently though 3rd party factories have been applying a coating that achieves this effect, but there are still many screens in circulation that do not have this coating.

14: Frame

The fourth tip to tell the difference is by the frame. Real OEM iPhone 6 LCD Screen Assemblies have a smoother and shinier frame. The difference between OEM and a copy part is not easy to describe accurately. The only way to figure it out is to touch and feel the parts, but essentially a real OEM part will have smooth brackets on the frame with no small metal shavings coming off them.

15: Appearance

Don't judge a book by its cover? Well in this case you can. Real OEM LCD screens are darker than fake copy ones. Compared with the original part, copy iPhone 6 LCD screens tend to have a gray tint to them. As for the glass lenses, the rim and the edges of the OEM part feels much smoother to the touch around the four corners. Reclaimed or copy parts may have kind of a rough trim on the rim and the edges.

One more tip. Look at the QR code on the back of the parts. Generally speaking, a QR code is printed on the back, which can't be wiped off easily on an OEM part, but a fake part's QR code will come right off with a little bit of rubbing alcohol.

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